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Youth Summer Camps in the West Bank

  In an official partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the PPC/ GI supervised and carried out summer camps with the participation of c. 1,200 youths.
07 June 2006

Youth Summer Camps in Gaza Strip

  In partnership with the Palestine Educational Association for Protecting the Environment and the Palestinian Youth Union the PPC carried out youth summer camps.
07 June 2006

Russian Speaking Israelis Outreach

  The GI runs educational seminars, Jerusalem tours, bought internet ad campaigns and has a highly informative Russian language website all designed to reach out to the Russian speaking immigrant Community...
07 June 2006

Israeli-Arab Community Outreach

  Discrimination, social and economical gaps, as well as language and cultural barriers, have alienated large parts of the community from the Israeli public discourse and even the 'peace camp' has frequently neglected working in partnership with the community - taking their support as a given. doge
07 June 2006
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