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Workshop on Role of Civil Society Organizations in Political Life

  On February 5th, GI organized a discussion workshop at the Palestine Media Center offices in Ramallah for civil society organizations, activists, and representatives on the role of Palestinian civil society organizations in political life.
05 February 2007

Gathering of Russian-speaking journalists, academicians

  On February 1st, Geneva Initiative held a joint convention with some 30 Russian Speaking Journalists and Academics Congress. The title of the convention was: "The effect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the Israeli society."
01 February 2007

Seminar: "The PLC: One Year after the Legislative Elections"

  On February 1st, GI organized a discussion seminar at the Palestine Media Center offices in Ramallah on the role and obstacles facing the newly elected Palestinian legislative council.
01 February 2007

"Hamas: From Opposition to Power" - book discussion

  On January 25th, GI organized a seminar at the Palestine Media Center (PMC) n Dr. Naeem Al-Ashhab’s recent book “Hamas’s History: from Opposition to Power” at the PMC’s conference hall in Ramallah.
25 January 2007

"Triangle – Try a Different Angle" Israeli-Palestinian Student Newspaper

  Geneva Initiative announces the release of the sixth edition of the Israeli-Palestinian student Newspaper "Triangle – Try a Different Angle". To read more about the newspaper, its distribution and contributors, please click here…
22 January 2007

Israeli- Palestinian Joint Statement

  Further to a joint Geneva Initiative Israeli-Palestinian meeting on Friday, December 8th, the following statement was released by both sides: Click to read the statement.
22 January 2007
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