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MKs Yossi Beilin and Yuli Edelstein debate in GI offices

  Meretz MK Yossi Beilin and Likud MK Yuli Edelstein held a debate at Geneva Initiative's offices in Tel Aviv on July 19th, 2007. Journalists from the Russian speaking media attended the debate.
19 July 2007

Hod Hasharon Mayor Hay Adib welcomes GI conference

  On July 11th, Geneva Initiative held a conference for local community leaders, municipal representatives and public opinion leaders in Hod Hasharon.
11 July 2007

GI hosts debate for Israeli peace camp

  On July 10th, Geneva Initiative hosted a debate in Jerusalem for all peace and peace-related organizations in Israel.
10 July 2007

Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal hosts GI conference

  On Sunday, July 8th, GI representatives were hosted in Sderot by Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal several hours after a Qassam rocket landed meters away from the meeting place.
08 July 2007

GI tour of J'lem Envelope for Haganah's 2nd Generation

  On Friday, July 6th, Geneva Initiative hosted a tour of the Jerusalem Envelope for members of the second generation of the Haganah organization. Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli will conduct the tour.
06 July 2007

GI event at Bnei Shimon Regional Council

  On Sunday, June 24th, GI hosted a meeting in Kibbutz Lahav, which included a lecture by Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli and addresses by former PA minister Kadoura Fares and MK Haim Oron.
24 June 2007

Tours of J'lem Envelope for Russian-speaking Israeli constituency

  On Saturdays, June 16th and June 23rd, Geneva Initiative held two tours of the Jerusalem Envelope for immigrants from the former Soviet Union.
23 June 2007

Seminar for young leadership of Israeli coalition parties

  On Friday, June 16th, Geneva Initiative held a one-day seminar for 34 young political leaders, members of the young leadership of Likud, Kadima, Israel Beitenu and Labor parties.
15 June 2007

GI joint car convoy and peace demonstration

  On Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 Geneva Initiative held an event entitled "Yes to an Agreement: The Geneva Initiative and the Arab League Initiative," with the participation of 200 Israelis and Palestinians which included a car convoy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and a demonstration at Mount Olives overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem.
02 June 2007

Akiva Eldar speaks to diplomats at GI offices

  During the session Mr. Eldar, a senior Ha'aretz columnist, informed the 30 Members of the Diplomatic and International Communities about developments in Israel's foreign policy arena and gave an analysis about what can be expected in Israel's internal politics further to the outcome of the first round of the Labor primaries.
31 May 2007
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