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Training Workshops for Palestinian Youth

  During February, PPC/GI concluded two major workshops for Palestinian youths, which started on February 1st and were held at the Palestine Media Center in Ramallah
28 February 2007

Community Leaders and Parliament Members Attend PPC Workshop in Ramallah

  The Palestinian Peace Coalition-PPC organized on the 27th of February, 2007, an opening workshop for the Project “Strengthening the Voices of Peace”, which is sponsored by the European Commission Technical Support Office.
27 February 2007

GI tour to Jerusalem Envelope in Arabic

  Geneva Initiative tour to the Jerusalem Envelope in Arabic. The tour was tailored to teachers and principals from the Israeli Arab community.
23 February 2007

GI Meeting between High Level Israeli and Palestinian Officials

  The meeting was held in Jerusalem and enabled participants to discuss the possibility of resuming negotiations between Israel and the PA further to recent political developments.
21 February 2007

Gathering with GI representatives and Asher Regional Council heads

  February 20th: GI held a local leadership meeting between Geneva Initiative representatives and members of the Asher Regional Council (Northern part of Israel).
20 February 2007

Seminar on "Palestinian Youth & Internal Conflict in Gaza"

  On February 18th, GI held a workshop in the Gaza City for young Palestinian leaders entitled "Palestinian Youth & Internal Conflict."
18 February 2007

GI tour to Jerusalem Envelope for Russian speaking community

  On February 17th, 2007 Geneva Initiative representative, Sasha Kogen guided a tour to the Jerusalem Envelope for 51 members of the Russian speaking community who immigrated to Israel from the Ukraine.
17 February 2007

Geneva Initiative week on Radio All for Peace

  On the week of the 11th-15th of February, Geneva Initiative held a series of programs on the "All for Peace" radio station. Click link to view details...
15 February 2007

GI conference: The "Saudi Initiative" and the "Mecca Agreement"

  On February 14th, the Geneva Initiative held a conference in Tel Aviv in order to discuss the Saudi Initiative and the Mecca Agreement from the perspectives of the Israeli government, the opposition and the Palestinian side.
14 February 2007

Seminar for young media figures

  On February 8th-9th, 2007, the Geneva Initiative together with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation held a seminar for young Israeli media figures (editors, commentators and field reporters) from the different Israeli press channels (broadcast, print and online). Click link to view more details.
09 February 2007
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