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GI Director-General met with legislators from Minnesota

On Thursday, November 12, GI Director General Gadi Baltiansky met with a group of legislators from Minnesota.
12 November 2009

GI engages Kadima activists in tour to the security barrier

On Friday, November 11, the Geneva Initiative held a tour to areas of the security barrier for 50 Kadima activists from Yavneh.
11 November 2009

4th session of GI Leadership Course

On Monday, November 9, the fourth meeting of the GI's Leadership Course took place at the GI Offices in Tel Aviv.
09 November 2009

GI at the annual rally commemorating Yitzhak Rabin's assassination

On Saturday, November 7, the Geneva Initiative participated in a rally commemorating the 14th anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.
07 November 2009

GI young political leaders' seminar

On November 6-7, Israel's young political leadership from Kadima, Likud, Labor and Meretz participated in a two-day preliminary seminar in advance of the Geneva Initiative's “Political Conference of Israel’s Young Leaders".
06 November 2009

Discussion on the Geneva Initiative hosted by the mayor of Rishon Le Zion

On Sunday, November 1, the mayor of Rishon Le Zion Mr. Dov Tzur hosted a panel discussion on the Geneva Initiative and the Middle East Peace Process.
01 November 2009

Madrona Institute representatives at GI's offices in Tel Aviv

On Sunday, November 1, representatives of the Madrona Institute, including its Co-founder and President Dr. Merle Lefkoff, visited the GI offices in Tel Aviv.
01 November 2009

Tour to security barrier for participants of GI's leadership course

On Friday, October 30th, GI Offices in Tel Aviv organized a tour to areas of the security barrier for the participants of the GI's leadership course
30 October 2009

Activists from Peace Now France at the GI offices in Tel Aviv and Ramallah

On Wednesday, October 28, and Friday, October 30, the GI offices in Tel Aviv and Ramallah respectively, hosted a group of 50 activists from Peace Now France (La Paix Maintenant).
28 October 2009

ICCO's delegation at GI premises in TLV

On Tuesday, October 27, the representatives of the Netherlands-based interchurch organization for development cooperation (ICCO) visited the GI offices in Tel Aviv.
27 October 2009
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