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Geneva Initiative Conference

On May 3, 2009 the Geneva Initaitive held a conference entitled: "Obama, Netanyahu and the Peace Camp". The conference dealt with the role of the Israeli peace camp both in Israel and internationally in light of political developments.
03 May 2009

Shas Women Leadership Seminar

On April 26-27, GI will held a seminar for the women's leadership of the Shas Party. The seminar was headed by Mrs. Adina Bar-Shalom, Daughter of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.
26 April 2009

GI seminar for Rabbis and activists from Shas

On April 22-24, GI held a seminar in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, for 46 members of the Shas party. Among the participants were Rabbis, members of regional councils, mayors and senior political figures.
22 April 2009

PPC/GI Political Seminar in Gaza

PPC/GI Political Seminar in Gaza gather all Palestinian Factions for a discussion on national unity.

21 April 2009

GI's University Leadership Course Tours Hebron

On April 6th, 20 students who are taking part in the Geneva Initiative's leadership program at the Tel Aviv University toured Southern Mount Hebron.
06 April 2009

Israeli & Palestinian women meet to discuss their role in the peace process

On Saturday April 4th, GI held a conference on the role of women in promoting peace. The conference was held at the Ambassador hotel in Jerusalem and was attended by Israeli & Palestinian women from the political establishment, the business sector & civil society organizations.
04 April 2009

GI seminar for Russian speaking Israeli journalists

On April 2nd, a group of leading reporters from the Russian media in Israel met with Geneva Initiative representatives.


02 April 2009

GI's political leadership course at Tel-Aviv University

On Monday March 30, GI started the second political leadership course for students of the Tel-Aviv University. The course is a joint initiative of GI and the TAU students council. During the course the students will recieve training towards taking an active role in promoting the peace process.
30 March 2009

GI held a gathering at the city of Modi'in

On March 30th, GI held a local leadership assembly at the city of Modi'in. The gathering was attended by Mr. Haim Bibas, Mayor of Modi'in.
30 March 2009

GI held a gathering at the city of Yokneam

On March 22nd, GI held a local leadership assembly in the northern town of Yokneam. The gathering was attended by Mr. Simon Alfasi, Mayor of Yokneam
22 March 2009
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