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Activists of the Israel Beytenu Party attend GI tour to the Jerusalem Envelope

On March 21st, GI held a tour to the Jerusalem Envelope for 48 Israel Beytenu activists.
21 March 2009

Scientists and Academics go on GI tour

On Friday March 20th, GI held a tour to the Jerusalem Envelope for 50 Scientists and academcs from the Russian speaking sector in Israel.
20 March 2009

GI seminar for activists of the Kadima party

On March 20-21st, GI held a seminar for 45 members of the Kadima party from the Ethiopean community in Israel. The seminar was attended by MK Shlomo Mulla from the Kadima Party.
20 March 2009

PPC/GI Hosts Youth Conference in Ramallah

On March 5, The Palestinian Peace Coalition/GI organized a youth Conference in Ramallah for more than 72 young leaders, college students, and civil society activists.

05 March 2009

GI Seminar for students of the "Rabin" Pre Military Preparatory Program

On Sunday March 1st, GI held a two day seminar on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for students of the "Rabin" Pre-Military Preparation Program at Oranim College
01 March 2009

PPC-GI Seminar for Journalists in Gaza calls for support of Palestinian and Arab Media of the national Palestinian reconciliation efforts

  The PPC/GI organized a workshop on "The role of the media in promoting national Unity and civic peace", the workshop took place in Gaza strip, and was attendant by 75 civil society representatives, in addition to university students, journalists and media experts.
24 February 2009

Dr. Yuval Benziman Lecture at Oranim College

  On thursday February 19th, Dr Yuval Benziman from the Geneva Initiative lectured before 50 students who are about to start their military service.
19 February 2009

PPC-GI Seminar in Gaza calls for national Palestinian reconciliation

  The Palestinian Peace Coalition organized a Political seminar in the Gaza Strip entitled "2009: A Year of Tolerance & Partnership", where representatives of the National and Islamic Factions discussed the current Palestinian situation following the Israeli invasion on Gaza with dozens of intellectuals and community leaders.
15 February 2009

GI tour of Jerusalem envelope

  On Friday, February 13th, Geneva Initiative held a tour of the separation barrier around Jerusalem, guided by Col. (ret.) Shaul Arieli. The tour was open to the public.
13 February 2009

GI Israel Position Paper: Basic Political Guidelines for the New Government

  On Wednesday, January 28th, Geneva Initiative will host dozens of party officials for a meeting and discussion with Geneva Initiative Chair Yossi Beilin, a fomer minister and MK and co-architect of the Geneva Initiative.
12 February 2009
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