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Lecture with Prof. Arnon Soffer

On February 22nd, in conjunction with our ongoing political leadership course, Professor Arnon Soffer gave a lecture to participants at the Geneva Initiative offices in Tel Aviv. Professor Soffer is head of the Department of Geostrategy at the University of Haifa and specializes in Middle East Geography, specifically water, demography, and Arab-Jewish relations.
22 February 2012

GI hosts an event with the Kadima Party in Hadera

On February 15th, the Geneva Initiative hosted an event with the Kadima party at their branch offices in Hadera. The event discussed the peace process and Geneva Initiative proposed solutions. Speakers included former Ambassador Daniel Shek, MK Nachman Shai, and Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli.
15 February 2012

Lecture series at the Hebrew University

On January 25, the Geneva Initiative held our second lecture series on the Israeli-Palestinians peace process for students at the Hebrew University. Attorney Talia Sasson author of the West Bank government report in 2005, lectured on the legal status of settlements in the West Bank. 
25 January 2012

IDC Herzliya Democracy Week

The week of January 9th, the Geneva Initiative took part in "Democracy Week" at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. We met with students, distributed materials and discussed the peace process and the Geneva Initiative solutions.


09 January 2012

Likud Activists Seminar

On December 30-31, the Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar for leading Likud activists.
30 December 2011

GI Hosts seminar for Labor Party activists

On Thursday December 29, the Geneva Initiative hosted a two-day seminar for Labor party young activists. The seminar included a tour with Brig (Gen) res. Shaul Arieli on the realities on the ground, as well as discussions with experts on the peace process.
29 December 2011

Former Ambassador Daniel Shek and Ilan Baruch host GI Political Course

On December 26, the Geneva Initiative hosted our third meeting of the political course for activists. Daniel Shek, former Ambassador to Paris, and Ilan Baruch, former Ambassador to the Philipines and South Africa, provided lectures on Israel's position in Europe


26 December 2011

"A Day in Town" in Netanya with Kadima Party

On December 22, the Geneva Initiative held an event at the Kadima branch in Netanya, with GI architect Dr. Yossi Beilin, prominent Palestinians, and Members of Knesset from Kadima. The panel took place as part of our "A Day in Town" program.
22 December 2011

GI Director General debates at TLV Internationals Event

On Tuesday December 20, Director General of the Geneva Initiative, Gadi Baltinansky, was invited to speak at the TLV Internationals debate series. He presented the grave consequences of continued settlements and the urgent need to achieve a peace agreement with the Palestinians.
20 December 2011

Yossi Beilin addresses GI Political Course

On December 19, Chairman and architect of the Geneva Initiative, Yossi Beilin, spoke with participats of the fourth political course meeting.
19 December 2011
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