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Shas Activists Seminar

On December 18-19, the Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar for Shas Party activists.
18 December 2011

GI & Friends of the Earth Middle East to Tour Jerusalem Borders

On December 16, the Geneva Initiative partnered with Friends of the Earth Middle East to lead a tour of the separation barrier around Jerusalem and explain the Geneva model's proposed border solutions.
16 December 2011

Political Course To Tour Sharon-Shomron Area

On December 9, the fourth cycle of the Geneva Initiative's political course toured the Sharon-Shomron region with border expert Brig. Gen. (res.) Shaul Arieli.
09 December 2011

Director General of GI addresses Swedish Diplomats from around the Middle East

On December 6, Director General of the Geneva Initiative, Gadi Baltiansky, addressed a group of twenty Swedish diplomats from across the Middle East


06 December 2011

"A Day in Town" in Dimona

On December 4, Geneva Initiative spent the day in Dimona with high school students and their teachers and parents. The event was part of our "A Day in Town" events.
04 December 2011

PPC's Local Activities - 2011

2011 was a busy year for the Palestinian Peace Coalition. Click to read about their work to build public support for a negotiated two-state solution.
01 December 2011

GI Rallies for Peace and Democracy in Rabin's Memory

On Saturday, November 12, Geneva Initiative representatives participated in a rally in Tel Aviv commemorating 16 years since the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and celebrating Rabin's legacy. 
12 November 2011

Shas Seminar Participants Meet for Follow-Up Event

On Thursday, November 3, the Geneva Initiative hosted a follow-up event to a seminar held over the summer in Budapest. The event came at the request of senior Shas members who wished to continue the conversations started in the seminar.
03 November 2011

Likud Activists Express Support for Geneva Model

On October 28-29, the Geneva Initiative hosted a seminar for activists from the Likud party.
28 October 2011

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Speaks in Support of Geneva Initiative at Political Course Meeting

The fourth cycle of our political course is now in full swing. On Monday, October 24, we hosted Shas Knesset Member Yitzhak Vaknin, a former participant in our seminars and an unexpected supporter of the Geneva Accord model.
24 October 2011
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