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"From the UN to Negotiations" Conference

On Tuesday, October 11, the Geneva Initiative hosted a conference titled "From the UN to Negotiations: Implications of UN Events on the Peace Process". A panel discussion included Prof. Gabriela Shalev, former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Brig. Gen. (res.) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, member of the Geneva Intitiative board, and Danny Dayan, Head of the Yesha Council, and former Palestinian Minister Ashraf Al-Ajrami. The panel aimed to analyze and discuss the outcome of events surrounding the Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations, but was left excited and hopeful when a different, unexpected announcement was made.
11 October 2011

Mayors and City Council Members Tour Barrier, Discuss September

On October 4, Geneva Initiative's Col. (Ret.) Shaul Arieli led a guided tour of the security barrier for mayors and city council heads from towns and cities surrounding Jerusalem. Following the tour, participants gathered in Mevaseret Zion, where they listened to a panel discussion on September's events at the United Nations.
04 October 2011

Panelists Discuss September Events at Ma'alot Tarshiha Conference

On Monday, October 3, Geneva Initiative representatives took part in a panel on the Palestinian statehood bid in the United Nations in September. The panel was held as part of a conference in the Western Gallilee city of Ma'alot Tarshiha.
03 October 2011

Dozens of Leading Israeli and Palestinian Women Meet in Ramallah

On September 7, the Geneva Initiative conducted a tour of Ramallah for leading women in Israeli and Palestinian society. Following the tour, the women participated in a leadership program together.
07 September 2011

Russian Community Leaders and Journalists Meet

On Tuesday, September 6, the Geneva Initiative held a meeting between Israeli journalists and leaders in the Russian community in Israel.
06 September 2011

Political Course Begins Fourth Cycle

On September 5, the Geneva Initiative launched the fourth cycle of its policy course for Israeli opinion leaders. The course will expose heads of public and private institutions to the major issues surrounding a negotiated agreement, and to the principles of the Geneva Accord.


05 September 2011

Israel Towards September: A Geneva Initiative Conference in the Knesset

On July 25, the Geneva Initiative co-hosted a conference in the Knesset that drew MKs from accross the political spectrum, former Palestinian officials, and Geneva Initiative experts.
25 July 2011

Tour for Russian-speaking Political Activists and Bloggers

On July 8, Geneva Initiative representative Shaul Arieli led a guided tour illustrating GIs proposed border solution for Russian-speaking political activists and bloggers.
08 July 2011

Geneva Initiative Women's Forum Tours the Borders

On July 1, the Geneva Initiative hosted a guided tour for members of its women's forum desitned to illustrate potential border solutions.
01 July 2011

Australian Students Leadership Delegation Briefing

On Wedensday, June 29, a Geneva Initiative representative met with an Australian Students Leadership Delegation.
29 June 2011
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