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Tour for Social Media Activists and Bloggers in Israel

On June 24, Geneva Initiative hosted a tour of the barrier for social media activists and bloggers in Israel.
24 June 2011

GI's Israel Director Brief's JStreet U's Inaugural Student Delegation

On Thursday, June 23, Geneva Initiative Israel's Director Gadi Baltiansky briefed JStreet U's first-ever student delegation.
23 June 2011

Border Tour for Kadima Activists

On June 20, Geneva Initiative representative Shaul Arieli lead a guided tour illustrating GIs proposed border solution for Kadima activists from Rishon.
20 June 2011

Conflict Resolution Students from the United States Attend Geneva Initiative Briefing

On June 20, Geneva Initiative representatives met with studnets from San Fransisco University's conflict resolution program.
20 June 2011

Geneva Initiative Tour for United Kibbutz Movement

On June 17, the Geneva Initiative conducted a tour of the Jerusalem area for leaders of the United Kibbutz Movement.
17 June 2011

Mayors at Geneva Initiative Seminar in Akko

On June 17, the Geneva Initiative convened a two-day seminar for mayors from across Israel and across the political spectrum.
17 June 2011

Seminar for Parliamentary Assistants

On June 16 to 17, Geneva Initiative convened a seminar for parliamentary assistants and young political activists from various political parties in Israel.
16 June 2011

Geneva Initiative Women's Forum Meeting

On June 15, the Geneva Initiative convened its Women's Forum in Jerusalem and a tour of the Jerusalem envelope.
15 June 2011

GI Meeting with Labor Party Activists

On June 14, Geneva Initiative representatives hosted a meeting with Labor Party activists.
14 June 2011

Joint Experts Meeting on Water and Environment

On June 13, Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva hosted a meeting for experts on Water and Environment, in Jericho.
13 June 2011
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