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Geneva Initiative Conference at Kadima's Rishon Branch

On Sunday, June 12, Geneva Initiative representatives were at Kadima's Rishon offices for a public discussion on the peace process.
12 June 2011

Seminar for Shas Party Leaders Attended by Senior Palestinians

On June 1, The Geneva Initiative hosted a seminar for Shas Party leaders attended by senior Palestinians, including former officials.
01 June 2011

Public Conference for Russian-speaking Israelis

On May 28, Geneva Initiative hosted a large public conference for Russian-speaking Israelis.
28 May 2011

Meeting and Tour for Members of Ra'anana School Board

On May 25, Geneva Initiative hosted a meeting and tour for school board members of Ra'anana.
25 May 2011

Geneva Initiative Runs Message to Netanyahu in Advance of his Washington Trip

Begining Thursday, May 19, the Geneva Initiative ran a series of ads calling on Bibi to use his trip to Washington, DC to demonstrate initiative.
19 May 2011

GI Briefs Tel Aviv University Graduate Students

On May 17, Geneva Initiative representatives briefed graduate students of conflict resolution at Tel Aviv University.
17 May 2011

The Road to September: Geneva Initiative Conference

On May 16, Geneva Initiative hosted a public conference at the Eretz Israel Museum with Fatah Central Committee Member Saeb Erekat, GI Chairman Yossi Beilin, and Former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.
16 May 2011

GI Hosts Meeting for Russian-language journalists and UN Gaza Envoy

On May 12, Geneva Initiative hosted a meeting between Russian-language journalists in Israel and the UN Gaza Envoy at our offices in Tel Aviv.
12 May 2011

Border Tour for the Young Guard

On May 6, Geneva Initiative representative Shaul Arieli led a guided tour illustrating GIs proposed border solution in connection for members of the Israeli youth movement the Young Guard.
06 May 2011

One State or the Two State Solution? Seminar for Ethiopian Israelis

On April 29 to 30, Geneva Initiative hosted a two-day seminar for Ethiopian Israelis.
29 April 2011
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