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GI Briefs Harvard Law Students

On Sunday March 13, Geneva Initiative Israel Director General Gadi Baltianksy briefed a delegation of Harvard Law students.
13 March 2011

Settler Leader Addresses GI's Political Course

On March 8, Shaul Goldstein, Head of the Gush Etzion Local Council, addressed the third cycle of GI's ongoing political leadesrhip course.
08 March 2011

Seminar and Tour for Young Israeli Journalists

On March 3 and 4, the Geneva Initiative hosted a seminar in Jerusalem for young Israeli journalists, including members of the religious and Russian-speaking media.
04 March 2011

GI Puts Itself under the Microscope

On March 1, the Geneva Initiative joined four other prominent Israeli NGOs for an open debate and Q&A session on the impact of the Knesset-probe and NGO Funding Transparency bill.


01 March 2011

Gadi Baltiansky at the National Security College of the Israel Defense Forces

On March 1, Geneva Initiative's Israel Director General Gadi Baltiansky addressed senior IDF officers at the National Security College.
01 March 2011

Public Conference on the Price of Political Stalemate

On February 28, the Geneva Initiative held a public conference in collaboration with the Council on Peace and Security regarding the price of political stalemate.
28 February 2011

Two Day Seminar for Mayors and Heads of Local Councils

On February 24 and 25, the Geneva Initiative held a two-day conference for Israeli mayors and heads of local councils on "Israel and the Palestinians: Towards a decision."
24 February 2011

Brigadier General Ilan Paz Briefed GI's Political Course on Security Issues

On Tuesday, February 22, Brigadier General (Res.) Ilan Paz addressed the third cycle of the Geneva Initiative's ongoing Political Course.
22 February 2011

Joint Workshop for Russian Speaking Israeli Position-holders and Journalists and their Palestinian Counterparts

On February 10, the Geneva Initiative hosted a joint Israeli-Palestinian workshop for Russian speaking Israeli position-holders and journalists with their Palestinian counterparts.
10 February 2011

Israel and the Palestinians: Towards Decisions

On February 8, Geneva Initiative hosted a joint meeting of the three cycles of its political course, entitled "Israel and the Palestinians: On the Path to Decisions."
08 February 2011
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