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Seminar for senior political party members

On December 28 and 29, the Geneva Initiative in Israel held a seminar for Israeli senior political party members. The seminar included wide range of political party representatives including those from Hat'nua, Labor and Meretz party, as well as many others.  
28 December 2012

Journalist Seminar

On December 27 and 28, Geneva Initiative Israel held a two-day seminar for young Israeli journalists to discuss the role of the media in reporting the conflict.
27 December 2012

Young journalist seminar

On December 27 and 28, we held a two-day seminar for young Israeli journalists to discuss the core issues of the conflict and the current status of the peace process. Participants included representatives from major national Israeli news outlets. 
27 December 2012

Seminar for center-left political activists

On December 27, Geneva Initiative Israel held a two-day seminar for political activists from center-left political parties, including Labor, Meretz and Ha'tnua. The seminar discussed the upcoming elections in Israel and the importance of the peace process on the political agenda.
26 December 2012

GI Conference: After Gaza and Before Elections

On Monday, December 10, the Geneva Initiative Israel held a conference discussing the aftermath of the Gaza escalation and the upcoming Israeli elections.
10 December 2012

Labor Party Primary Candidates meet to discuss the Peace Process

On November 15 and 26, in conjunction with the Labor party committee for the peace process developed by the Geneva Initiative, several new political primary candidates joined a meeting at our offices to discuss how they plan to promote the peace process 




26 November 2012

GI Local Conference in Givatayim

On November 11, we held a conference in Givatayim hosted by the mayor and local municipality . The event featured Professor Yossi Yonah and Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli. 




11 November 2012

GI Director meets with Partners for Progressive Israel delegation

On October 21, Director-General of the Geneva Initiative Israel, Gadi Baltiansky gave a lecture to a delegation from the United States Partners for Progressive Israel. 
21 October 2012

Conference - the Arab Spring and the Peace Process

On October 16th, Geneva Initiative together with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung held a conference on the Arab Spring and its effects on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Speakers included: Prof. Eyal Zisser, head of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle East Studies at TAU, Dr. Yossi Beilin, co-architect of the Geneva Accords and former Minister of Justice, and a speaker from the Palestinian Authority.


16 October 2012

Tour for Diplomats

On October 11th, the Geneva Initiative held  a tour for the foreign diplomatic community in the region.The tour was guided by border expert Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli, demonstrated the Geneva Accord solutions and the issues surrdouing the borders in and around Jerusalem.


11 October 2012
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