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Young Political Activist Seminar

On September 27 & 28, we held a two-day seminar for young political activists from Likud, Kadima and Labor party, which included a visit to Ramallah.
27 September 2012

Labor party convenes to discuss the Arab Peace Initiative

The political committee of the Labor party convened on September 20th to discuss the the peace process and initiatives such as the Geneva Accords and the Arab Peace Initiative.
20 September 2012

Prof. Yossi Yonah meets with political course graduates

On September 11, Professor Yossi Yonah met with graduates of the Geneva Initiative political course to discuss the relationship between social justice and political justice.
11 September 2012

Roundtable Discussions with Likud, Kadima, Labor and Shas

On August 19, Geneva Initiative Tel Aviv held for the first time roundtable discussions for political activists from Likud, Kadmina, Labor and Shas that took part in our advanced political leadership course. 
19 August 2012

Yossi Beilin gives talk with political activists

August 5th, lecture with Chairman of the Geneva Initiative Yossi Beilin for political party activists from Likud, Shas, Kadima, and Labor
05 August 2012

GI meets with student activists from Holland

On Monday, July 9, Geneva Initiative representatives met with a group of young student activists from Holland to give a briefing on the current issues surrouding the peace process and what we see as our challenges today. 
09 July 2012

Tour for Mayor and City Counselors from Rishon Lezion

On Thursday June 28, Mayor of Rishon Lezion, Dov Tsur and city council members took part in a Geneva Initiative organized tour around the Jerusalem envelop 
01 July 2012

Seminar for Political Party Activists

On June 25th, the Geneva Initiative hosted a two-day seminar for political party activists from across the political spectrum, including members of Likud, Kadima and the Labor party in Israel.


25 June 2012

J Street U visit Geneva Initiative in Tel Aviv

On June 14, J Street U students received a briefing from Geneva Initiative Director-General Gadi Baltiansky, and Chairman of the Peace NGO Forum, Ron Pundak.
14 June 2012

Chairman of the Geneva Initiative speaks to Kadima Activists

On May 29, the Geneva Initiative hosted an event at the Kadima party branch in Hadera, Israel.
29 May 2012
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