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Geneva Initiative chairperson, Yossi Beilin, meets dozens of activists

On September 10th we hosted dozens of Israeli activists for a meeting with Geneva Initiative Israel Chairperson (and former Justice Minister) Yossi Beilin. Beilin engaged the group in an open discussion on the political situation after the hostilities in Gaza. 
16 September 2014

Palestinian Peace Coalition seminar for young adults


Last week the Palestinian Peace Coalition- Geneva Initiative organized a 2-day seminar for young adults in Ramallah. The participants were addressed by Dr. Husam Zomlot, Executive Deputy Commissioner, Commission for International Affairs, Fateh, Mr. Nidal Foqaha, the Director General of the PPC-GI and Mr. Reyad Shrim, of Alistiklal University.

16 September 2014

Geneva Initiative Conference- Between War and Peace


21.9.14- For the First Time Since the Gaza Fighting: A senior leader from Gaza will speak in Israel at a Conference on the Implications of the Gaza War and new regional opportunities for promoting the peace process. The number of places is limited - registration required. Click above for additional details. 
16 September 2014

Briefing for young Dutch politicians

In late August, Geneva Initiative–Israel Director General Gadi Baltiansky briefed a group of young politicians from Holland who were brought to Israel by the Hague based Center Information Documentation Israel (CIDI).


31 August 2014

Geneva Initiative Seminar for Israeli Journalists

In late June we held a seminar for 20 Israeli journalist representing all the major Israeli new outlets, and the Russian language, ultra-orthodox and foreign press.


02 July 2014

Briefing on Settlements for Russian Speakers

In June, Adv. Talia Sasson briefed a group of Russian speaking activists, bloggers and journalists about the settlements.


22 June 2014

Safed Mayor: "As a member of the right wing, I recommend listening to the Geneva Initiative"

In late May, we organized a seminar for Israeli Mayors from across the political spectrum, the participants included the mayors of Afula, Safed, Petah Tikva, Had Hasharon, Karmiel and many more.


10 June 2014

Through unity we will advance the peace process far more effectively


The Palestinian Peace Coalition - Geneva Initiative ran a conference on 'The Palestinian Reconciliation and the Peace Process' which took place on the 21.5.14 in Ramallah


22 May 2014

250 Participants attend Geneva Initiative Conference on the Challenges in the Peace Process

On the 9th April we organized a public conference in Jerusalem which focused on the challenges in the negotiations, which was attended by 250 participants. Speakers included former Deputy Prime Minister from the Likud, Dan Meridor and former Palestinian Minister for Prisoner Affairs, Ashraf Aljrami, both of whom addressed the crisis in the negotiations. Meridor emphasized that cancelling the commitment to release prisoners and announcing plans for settlement construction was a mistake. Alajrami highlighted the risks to the Palestinian-Israeli security cooperation if Israel were to enact sanctions on the Palestinian Authority.


16 April 2014

Palestinian Peace Coalition - Seminars for Women


In March the Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative (PPC-GI) ran two seminars for women which were attended by over 90 female activists in Luban, Nablus and Abu Shkhedem, Ramallah.


06 April 2014
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