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Advanced Political Course Graduation Ceremony

Rabbanit Adina Bar Shalom and former Shas spokesperson Itzik Sudri spoke at our Advanced Political Course Graduation Ceremony


02 April 2014

PPC Training Seminar for Young Palestinian Activists


The Palestinian Peace Coalition-GI started its 2014 program of training seminars in Qalqilya on March 13th – 14th, 2013. The seminar was run by Mr. Reyad Shrim from Alistiklal University in Jericho and was attended by 45 young Palestinian activists.


20 March 2014

30 Likud Members Meet with Senior Palestinian at GI Seminar

On the 14-15th February we organized a seminar for 30 key Likud Activists including members of the Likud Central Committee, branch heads and local council members. They met with former Palestinian Minister Hisham Abdel-Raziq, a resident of Gaza who spent over 20 years in an Israeli jail. Abdel-Raziq told the audience: "I would personally be prepared to live in one state, but the two state solution is better. The Geneva Initiative shows that it is possible to reach an agreement."


17 February 2014

Advisor to PA President Abu Mazen: Most Young Palestinians Support Peace

On the 6th February the Geneva Initiative arranged for Bashar Farashat, PA President Abu Mazen's advisor on youth affairs to meet with members of the Labor party's Young Guard. He told them that he belives most young Palestinians support a peace agreement based on the two state solution.


13 February 2014
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