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Jerusalem Tour for Business Executives and NGO Sector

On December 18, 2015 more than 40 executives, high-tech personal and government students took part in a tour of Jerusalem.


18 December 2015

Opposition Leader Herzog: “In every discussion on the peace process, the Geneva Initiative always comes up.”

At a conference organized by the Geneva Initiative in the Knesset with the participation of 17 MKs from the coalition and opposition as well as former Palestinian Minister Ashraf al-Ajrami, Opposition leader MK Isaac Herzog (Zionist Camp) said: “In every discussion on the peace process that I participate in, whether in Israel or overseas, the Geneva Initiative always comes up. It is a logical proposal which reality will force us to come to.”

10 December 2015

Lecture to Senior Leaders from Barclays Bank

Senior Geneva Initiative Prof. Menachem Klein gave a lecture about the Geneva Initiative to 90 senior managers at Barclays Bank in London.


29 June 2015

Seminar for Israeli parliamentary assistants

In mid-June the Geneva Initiative ran a seminar for 20 new and veteran Israeli parliamentary assistants.


18 June 2015

Tour for New Knesset Members

In mid June the Geneva Initiative organized a tour of the greater Jerusalem area for new Members of Knesset
14 June 2015

Ofer Shelah at Geneva Initiative Conference: “We need to emphasize hope”

On May 14, The Geneva Initiative held a conference inTel Aviv which was attended by 250 Israelis on: "The challenges facing the peace camp in the current political reality."
14 June 2015

Meeting With Ethiopian Leaders

In mid June we met with a group of Ethiopian-Israeli leaders in order to discuss the possibility of joint activity to promote the two state solution.


13 June 2015

Peace Activists Meet with President Abbas’ senior advisor on Seminar

On the 4-5th June we ran a seminar for 30 key peace activists from different political parties and organizations.


05 June 2015

Conference: The Palestinian Situation in view of domestic, regional and international developments


The Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative organized a political conference on 21 May in Ramallah on “The Palestinian Situation in view of domestic, regional and international developments”.


21 May 2015

Seminar for Key Shas Activists

In mid May the Geneva Initiative held a seminar for over 30 key Shas political activists
19 May 2015
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