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Demography, politics and the two-state solution: Geneva Initiative lectures for journalists

In December, we organized a series of lectures for 25 senior journalists from key Israeli media outlets who cover the conflict, the Palestinians and the peace process.
22 December 2016

Geneva Initiative Multi-Party Seminar

In December, we held a political seminar for 45 key political activists from across the Israeli political spectrum, including from centrist and right-wing parties such as Likud, Kulanu and Yesh Atid and from different minority and religious groups.
22 December 2016

Seminar for young party activists from the Zionist Camp and Meretz

On December 22-23, we held a seminar hat provided young party activists from opposition parties with detailed knowledge of the conflict and a toolkit to promote the two-state solution. 
22 December 2016

The Geneva Initiative meets with Portugal's Minister of Foreign Affairs

On November 25, GI Israeli director Gadi Baltiansky and Steering Committee member Colette Avital met with Portugal's Foreign Affairs Minister Augusto Santos Silva


25 November 2016

Briefing for Foreign Diplomats: The American Presidential Elections and Prospects for the Middle East Peace Process

On November 21, the Geneva Initiative held a briefing for over 30 diplomats based in Israel, on the recent American Presidential elections and their implications for the Middle East Peace Process.


23 November 2016

Meeting the Swedish Special Envoy to the French Peace Initiative

On November 6th, the Geneva Initiative met with Ambassador Ulrika Sundberg, the Swedish Special Envoy to the French Peace Initiative, who visited our region in an effort to learn from Israeli and Palestinian civil society about the obstacles and opportunities of the resolution of the conflict and the two-state solution. 


06 November 2016

The Geneva Initiative launches a new political course in Ashdod

After concluding a great political course in Afula, the Geneva Initiative opened a new course in the southern city of Ashdod. The course ran through November, and will culminate in a workshop with graduates of a parallel Palestinian course.


30 October 2016

Keeping in touch with our graduates and activists

In late October, we invited the graduates of our Advanced Political Course to receive their Graduate Certificates, and also to give them a chance to reflect on the journey they have made together. This course brought together an incredibly diverse group of people, including key activists from Likud, Shas, the Jewish Home, the Zionist Camp and Meretz. 


27 October 2016

Supporting international peace initiatives

The Geneva Initiative continues to meet key diplomats and officials in an effort to capitalize on and support recent international initiatives.


27 October 2016

Seminar for Young Political Activists in Jericho

On October 13-15, the the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative held a seminar in Jericho for 40 Palestinian young activists, mainly women. 

20 October 2016
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