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Hosting a Delegation from Spain and Columbia


On July 9th, the Israeli office of the Geneva Initiative hosted a group of government officials and law experts from Columbia and Spain, as part of their study visit to the region. GI Director Gadi Baltiansky spoke with the group about the Geneva Initiative’s peace building efforts, and highlighted the lessons that Israelis and Palestinians should learn from other conflicts, like the one in Columbia. 


09 July 2018

Seminar for Palestinian Youth

On June 28-29, the Palestinian Peace Coalition - Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar in Ramallah. The seminar brought together exceptional young activists and leaders with demonstrated commitment and interest in politics, women rights, democracy, negotiations and the two-state solution, reconciliation and other topics related to youth, women and politics in Palestine. The group met with a series of experts, including leading Palestinian journalists Tal'at Alawi and Mona Hawwash.  

29 June 2018

Training: The history of the Peace Process, the core Issues of the conflict and proposed solutions


In June, GI director Gadi Baltiansky gave a lecture on the history of the peace process and peace promotion to a group of young professionals from across Israel. The lecture, that highlighted the role of civil society and grassroots initiatives in preparing the ground for peace and reconciliation, was part of a peacebuilding training program that is run by Peace Now. 


28 June 2018

Geneva Initiative Conference: Nearing the Tipping Point


On May 10th the Geneva Initiative held a public conference in Tel-Aviv that was attended by over a 150 people. The conference featured MK Tamar Zandberg, Chairwoman of Meretz, Elias Zananiri, Deputy Director of the Palestinian Committee for Interaction with the Israeli Society and Yossi Beilin, Chairperson of the Geneva Initiative in Israel.


10 May 2018

Conference: 25 years since Oslo

  On April 26, Geneva Initiative’s Chairperson Yossi Beilin and Director Gadi Baltiansky spoke at a conference in memory of Ron Pundak, one of the key architects of the Oslo peace process as well as the Geneva Accord. Baltiansky said at the conference, that focused on 25 years to Oslo process: “we need to go back to the fundamental facts. Peace is needed, urgent and possible. And the road passes through a two state solution, negotiated between Israelis and Palestinians”.
26 April 2018

Workshop on Lessons from Northern Ireland

  On April 13th, on the occasion of 20 years to the Good Friday Agreement, we held a workshop on lessons from Northern Ireland for a group of 20 Israeli political activists and civil society leaders. The event featured Northern Ireland expert Dr. Galit Desheh and Jonathan Eshpar from the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.
13 April 2018

Seminar for Palestinian Opinion shapers and policy makers in the Northern Valleys

On March 31st, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative held a seminar for a group of 36 senior political activists from the area of Aqaba – Northern Valleys. 

31 March 2018

Advanced Leadership Course in Ramallah

On March 29-30, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative ran a two-day training focused on leadership and communication skills in Ramallah, which was attended by a group of 32 activists from various political backgrounds.  

30 March 2018

The Geneva Initiative at NYU

Yossi Beilin, the Israeli Chairperson of the Geneva Initiative, spoke about “The Road from Oslo to Geneva” at a New York University conference on the occasion of 25 years to the Oslo Accords. For more details, read the news article Why Oslo’s legacy should not be dismissed.
25 March 2018

The Geneva Initiative in Spanish!

  On March 22nd, the Geneva Initiative’s Israeli Director Gadi Baltiansky met with the Mexican Undersecretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, Ambassador Miguel Ruiz-Cabañas for a great discussion on peace promotion and the Two-State Solution. During the meeting, Baltiansky gave Ambassador Ruiz-Cabañas a copy of the Geneva Initiative in Spanish. 
22 March 2018
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