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Border Tour for Members of the Shoham Local Council

On December 31, the Geneva Initiative held a guided tour illustrating GIs proposed border solution for members of the Shoham Local Council as a follow up to a conference conducted by GI earlier this year.
31 December 2010

GI conference on Palestinian Political Alternatives

On Wednesday, December 29, the Geneva Initiative (PPC) held a conference on Palestinian political alternatives in the West Bank for c.80 political activists, position-holders and journalists.
29 December 2010

GI's Advanced Course on the Conflict

On Tuesday, December 28, the Geneva Initiative hosted an additional session at our Tel Aviv offices for participants of our advanced course on the conflict. The session dealt with two issues: demographics and the role of the international community, particularly Europe, in the conflict.
28 December 2010

GI encourages Jenin youth to be more politically active

On December 27, the Geneva Initiative (PPC) held a one-day seminar targeting Palestinian young leaders and political activists from Jenin in order to educate them about the role of youth in the political process and the importance of political participation.
27 December 2010

Seminar for Young Israeli Political Activists

On December 24-25, the Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar for young Israeli political activists at Kibbutz Tzuba.
25 December 2010

Seminar for Israeli Ethiopian and Russian-speaking Leaders and Veterans

On December 23-24, the Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar in Ramat Gan for public opinion leaders, academics and journalists from the Russian speaking and Ethiopian Israeli communities, as well as veteran Israelis, in order to educate the group about the peace process.
24 December 2010

Seminar for Elected Position-holders on Israeli City Councils

On December 23-24, the Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar for mayors and senior elected officials on Israeli city councils.


23 December 2010

GI Training Meeting for Women in Ramallah

On December 23 and 24, the Geneva Initiative conducted a training meeting for women in Ramallah.
23 December 2010

Seminar on Negotiation for Palestinian Students and Young Leaders in Qalqilieh

On Wednesday, December 22, the Geneva Initiative (PPC) conducted a one day seminar educating youth and students from Qalqilyeh about the peace process and recent developments, and training them with negotiation skills.
22 December 2010

Conference in Gaza on the Peace Process

On December 22, the Geneva Initaitive--Palestinian Peace Coalition held a conference in Gaza on "The Current Political View," which tackled the standoff in the peace process.
22 December 2010
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