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GI workshop in Ramallah

On May 26, the GI held a workshop in Ramallah for students and youth leaders. The workshop was on the topic of peace dialogue and acceptance.
26 May 2010

GI youth workshop in Gaza

On May 26, the GI Palestine held a workshop in Gaza focusing on strengthening the culture of civil peace and dialogue amongst youth.
26 May 2010

GI Signatory Dr. Ron Pundak at political leadership course

On May 24, as part of the GI political leadership course, GI Signatory Dr. Ron Pundak gave a briefing at our offices in Tel-Aviv,on the topic of the political Israeli-Palestinian process: past, present and future.
24 May 2010

GI political seminar in Gaza

On May 20, the GI Palestine, in conjuction with the Olof Palme Center, hosted a political conference in Gaza entitled "National Reconciliation and Internal Consent".
20 May 2010

GI adresses German policy makers, journalists and educators

On May 18, the Geneva Initiative hosted German policy-makers and journalists at the Tel Aviv office for a briefing on the Geneva Initiative's work, goals, and projects, and the contribution of the Track Two Channel to the political arena in Israel.
18 May 2010

GI political seminar on the wall and settlements

On May 18, the GI held a political seminar in Salfit for parliament and government representatives on the wall and the settlements.
18 May 2010

GI political seminar on the role of women in politics

On May 16, the GI held a workshop in Ramallah on the "Role of Women in the Political Process." The event included women representatives of parliament and the government.
16 May 2010

Conference for Russian speaking community leaders at Afula

On May 15, GI hosted a conference for Russian speaking community leaders from Northern Israel at Afula with GI Israeli and Palestinian representatives.
15 May 2010

GI participates in a Zionist Left demonstration

On May 15, the Geneva Initiative participated in a rally at the Zion Square in Jerusalem. The rally called for a permanent-status peace agreement with the Palestinians and assembled under the slogan "Zionists are not Settlers".
15 May 2010

GI workshop in Kalkilia

On May 15, the GI hosted a workshop in Kalkilia for students and youth leaders on the dialogue of youth
15 May 2010
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