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Discussion for opinion leaders from Russian speaking community

On May 13, the GI held a discussion at the organization's Tel Aviv office for leaders from the Russian speaking community regarding Russian public opinion and alternatives for Israel's future.
13 May 2010

GI workshop on peace dialogue

On May 13, the GI held a workshop on the topic of "peace dialogue and accepting others". The workshop took place in Tulkarem and adressed students and youth leaders.
13 May 2010

GI hosts a seminar for young political leaders

On May 11, the GI hosted a training seminar in Gaza. The seminar aimed at improving peace dialogue skills between youth.
11 May 2010

GI political leadership course meets former Amb. Avi Primor

On May 10, the Geneva Initiative hosted a briefing at our Tel Aviv offices as part of GI political leadership course. The briefing on the European policy towards the Israeli - Palestinians conflict, was given by former Ambassador of Israel to Germany and EU, Avi Primor.
10 May 2010

GI seminar on the issue of prisoners

On May 10, the GI held a seminar in Tubass discussing the issue of prisoners within the Geneva Initiative.
10 May 2010

Parlimantary Assistants seminar

On 6-7 May, the Geneva Initiative hosted a two-day seminar for political assistants, advisors and spokespeople of members of the Knesset and ministers of the different political parties.
06 May 2010

GI Signatories meet Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen

On May 2, Geneva Initiative Israeli and Palestinian Signatories, Shaul Arieli and Nazmi El Jubeh, briefed Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen on the feasibility of the solution for Jerusalem proposed by the Geneva Initiative.
02 May 2010

GI seminar on peace and non-violence

On May 2, the GI held a training seminar in Jineen educating youth on the terms of peace and non-violence. The seminar addressed both students and youth leaders.
02 May 2010

GI Co-Architect Beilin provides USAID with a political analysis

On April 28, the Geneva Initiative held a one-hour discussion with Dr. Beillin on his perspectives and insights to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
28 April 2010

PM Netanyahu's Former Chief of Staff at GI's leadership course

On Monday, April 26, the Geneva Initiative hosted PM Netanyahu's former Chief of Staff, Yechiel Leiter, at our Tel Aviv offices for a briefing as part of the second cycle of our political leadership course
26 April 2010
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