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Geneva Initiative Conference in the Knesset

On December 21, the Geneva Initiative hosted a conference in the Knesset with MK Daniel Ben Simon (Labor). Speakers included MKs from Kadima, Labor, Ichud Leumi, Meretz, New National Religious Party and Shas.
21 December 2010

Youth Activists and Women Convene in Ramallah to Discuss Their Role in Elections

On December 21, the Geneva Initiative conducted a workshop for youth activists and women in the Ramallah/Silwad area.
21 December 2010

GI Engages Russian-speaking Community in Ofakim

On Tuesday, December 21, the Geneva Initiative hosted an evening conference in Ofakim for the Russian speaking-community.

21 December 2010

Palestinian Women Discuss Their Role in Building Institutions

On December 20, the Geneva Initiative --Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC) held a one day workshop in Aleizariah near Jerusalem, titled "Role of women in building Palestinian state institutions."
20 December 2010

PPC Seminar in Jericho on Women's Leadership

On December 20, the Geneva Initiative-Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC) held an event in Jericho focusing on women's leadership.
20 December 2010

Geneva Initiative Delegation Meeting With Palestinian President Abbas

On Sunday, December 19, President Abbas hosted a Geneva Initiative delegation with 100 leading Israelis at the Muqata in Ramallah
19 December 2010

GI Convenes Israeli Mayors to Discuss Core Issues of the Conflict

On December 16-18, the Geneva Initiative assembled 17 Israeli Mayors at the Dead Sea for a training on the core issues of the conflict and the peace process.
17 December 2010

GI encourages Palestinian women in Ramallah to play larger role in decision-making processes

On December 9-10, the Geneva Initiative (PPC) held a two-day training course for 26 politically active women in Ramallah in order to strengthen them in their work, educate them and encourage them to assume central roles in decision-making processes.
09 December 2010

Geneva Initiative briefs IUSY and ECOSY young leaders

On Sunday, December 5, 20 young leaders from IUSY and ECOSY from Germany who are in the region participated in a GI briefing at the Tel Aviv Offices
05 December 2010

Leading Palestinian women attend GI two-day seminar in Ramallah

On December 2-3, the Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar in Ramallah for 35 women who are active in the political arena and represent a number of different universities.
03 December 2010
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