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Geneva Initiative Reaches Out to Ramallah Women

On December 2-3, the Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar for c.35 leading women from Ramallah.
02 December 2010

The role of the international community and the issue of settlements discussed at GI Tel Aviv offices

On Tuesday, November 30, the Geneva Initiative held an additional session for the third cycle of our advanced political course on the conflict. The session featured two speakers.
30 November 2010

Ashkelon Mayor Hosts Geneva Initiative at Open Meeting

On Sunday, November 28, the Geneva Initiative was hosted by Ashkelon Mayor in an open event for the citizens and leadership of the city of Ashkelon about the peace process and the two-state solution
28 November 2010

Geneva Initiative Meets with Palestinian Journalists

On November 28, the Geneva Initiative conducted a seminar for Palestinian journalists in Hebron on the role of the Palestinian media.
28 November 2010

The GI reaches out to young Palestinian activists

On November 25-27 the Geneva Initiative held a youth camp for 50 political activists from the Jenin area. The camp was held in cooperation with the AECID.
26 November 2010

Geneva Initiative Addresses Delegation of Australian Diplomats

On November 25, Geneva Initiative Israel Director General Gadi Baltiansky addressed a delegation of senior Australian diplomats and Defense Ministry officials.
25 November 2010

Tour Illustrating GI's Border Solution in the West Bank Sharon Area

On Friday, November 19, Geneva Initiative representative Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli led a tour of the West Bank Sharon area for participants in GI's political course.
19 November 2010

Young Leadership Convention

On November 18 and 19, the Geneva Initiative hosted its second annual Young Leadership Convention with youth representatives from Likud, Labor, Kadima, Shas, Meretz.
18 November 2010

Dr. Ron Pundak Addresses the Third Cycle of GI's Political Course

On November 16, the Geneva Initiative reconvened the third cycle of its political course with a briefing by Geneva Accord Signatory and Head of the Peres Center for Peace, Dr. Ron Pundak.
16 November 2010

Gadi Baltiansky and Sam'an Khoury Brief Senior Spanish Journalists in Jerusalem

On Monday, November 15, Israeli Director General of the Geneva Initiative Gadi Baltiansky, and Palestinian Geneva Accord Signatory Sam'an Khoury, met with a delegation of senior Spanish journalists.
15 November 2010
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