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Two-day Seminar for Leading Women in Israel

On November 11 and 12, the Geneva Initiative hosted a two-day seminar in Ramat Gan for more than twenty-five leading women from various parties across the political spectrum in Israel.
12 November 2010

Seminar on Territorial Disputes in the Negotiations Process for Russian-speaking Journalists

On November 11, the Geneva Initiative conducted a one-day seminar on territorial disputes in the negotiations process for fourteen leading editors and journalists from the Russian-speaking Israeli press.
11 November 2010

GI Spokesperson Addresses Women's International Zionist Organization UK

On Thursday, November 11, Geneva Initiative spokesperson Gilly Harpaz and MK (Kadima) Orit Zuaretz addressed the Women's International Zionist Organization of the UK.
11 November 2010

GI Engages Russian-speaking Leadership of Afula

On Wednesday, November 10, the Geneva Initiative hosted a one-day seminar for the Russian-speaking leadership of Afula.
10 November 2010

Border Tour of the Jerusalem Area for Members of Parliament From Norway

On November 8, Geneva Initiative representative Shaul Arieli lead a guided tour illustrating GIs proposed border solution in the Jerusalem area for a delegation from Norway that included Members of Parliament.
08 November 2010

Border Tour of the Sharon-West Bank Area

On November 5, Geneva Initiative representative Shaul Arieli lead a guided tour illustrating GIs proposed border solution in the Sharon-West Bank area.
05 November 2010

Israela Oron Addresses Political Leadership Training Course on Refugees

On November 2, Geneva Initiative hosted a briefing with Israela Oron on refugees for participants in the third cycle of GI's political leadership training course.
02 November 2010

Workshop for Palestinian Youth in Hebron

On November 2, GI hosted a workshop on dialogue and negotiations for more than thirty-five Palestinian youth in the West Bank city of Hebron.
02 November 2010

Geneva Initiative at the Rabin Memorial Event

On Saturday, October 30, the Geneva Initiative was a strong presence at the Rabin memorial rally in Tel Aviv with signs, stickers, and information about the Geneva Accords.
30 October 2010

GI Leadership Addresses Foreign Journalists

On Wednesday, October 27, Geneva Initiative heads Gadi Baltiansky and Nidal Foqaha briefed leading foreign journalists in Israel.
27 October 2010
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