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Geneva Initiative Conference: Israel and the Palestinians – Decision Time

On September 19, the Geneva Initiative hosted former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and other experts in a conference on Israel and the Palestinians.
19 September 2010

Assembly for Palestinian Women meet active Palestinian officials

On September 14, Palestinian women met with representatives from the Palestinian government to discuss politics and civil society.
15 September 2010

Follow-up meeting for leading Shas and influential Palestinian women

On September 14, the Geneva Initiative hosted leading Shas-affiliated women and influential Palestinian women from religious and traditional communities for a workshop. This event was a follow-up session to a July seminar with the same constituency.
14 September 2010

Political Leadership Training Course Graduates

On September 13, the Geneva Initiative granted certificates to graduates of the first and second cycles of a political leadership training course.
13 September 2010

Palestinian Peace Coalition Young Leaders Course

On September 3, Geneva Initiative's Palestinian office (the Palestinian Peace Coalition) hosted the fourth round of a young leaders course in Ramallah.
03 September 2010

GI message to PM Netahnayu in Ha'aretz

On Thursday, September 2, the Geneva Initiative called PM Netanyahu to "be a partner", reminded that all issues have been dealt with in the Geneva Accord and wished the PM luck with his visit to Washington
02 September 2010

Workshop in Hebron for University students

On September 2, Geneva Initiative's Palestinian office held a workshop in Hebron for 45 University students to discuss forgiveness, acceptance & the law.
02 September 2010

Palestinian leaders speak to Israelis in new Geneva Initiative campaign

On the eve of renewed official negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, H.L. Education for Peace - the Geneva Initiative is launching a mass media campaign in which Palestinian leaders address the Israeli public through a series of short clips.

29 August 2010

GI informational meeting on political leadership course

On August 29, the Geneva Initiative met with prospectives for a new round of political leaderhsip courses.
29 August 2010

Political Seminar in Jerusalem: Helping Jerusalmites

On August 28, Geneva Initiative's Palestinian office held a political seminar in Jerusalem to discuss helping Jerusalemites handle acts of occupation.
28 August 2010
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