Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


Makor Rishon - "The Major influence on American security proposal: members of Geneva Initiative"

By Meir Indor, Makor Rishon

via Makor Rishon
Translation by Geneva Initiative

Who is standing behind it and beside it?



General Allen's security proposals are being marketed as an American plan, but they were copied from the "Geneva Initiative' of the extreme left. A partner to the proposals is none other than our army.
Obama and Kerry want to convince the Israeli public that the agreement they are promoting is wonderful. In order to reduce Israeli fears of the terror which will come afterwards, like that which we experiences after the Oslo accords and the disengagement, they are selling us an American security 'envelope'.
This is a plan which was prepared, supposedly, by the one hundred experts who accompany General John Allen, one of the "good guys" of the American army…
Anyone who reviews the proposal will find many military concepts and terminology from the cyber and technology spheres, but very little security. The grave truth is that the proposal is in fact that of left wing Israeli organizations and is only presented in American packaging. Military officers who support a withdrawal from the West bank and the creation of a Palestinian state are partners to the proposal.
One of them is Brig. Gen (res.) Gadi Zohar, Head of the Council for Peace and Security. Zohar gained a reputation as being hostile to settlement in the West Bank when he was head of the Civil Administration in the area. From his perspective, there is not even a need for a military presence in the Jordan valley, and certainly no need for settlements. The major influence on the American proposal is the 'Geneva Initiative' members and their huge budget. General Allen and his friends did a 'copy – paste' from the Security chapter in the 'Geneva Initiative':
A multi-national force shall be established in order to provide security guarantees to the parties, act as a deterrent, and oversee the implementation of the relevant provisions of this Agreement…Israel shall complete its withdrawal from the territory of the State of Palestine within 30 months of the entry into force of this Agreement, and in accordance with it. Israel will retain a small military presence in the Jordan Valley under the authority of the multi-national force for an additional 36 months. Israel may retain two early warning stations in the northern and central West Bank. The early warning stations shall be staffed by the minimal required number of Israeli personnel and shall occupy the minimal amount of land necessary for their operation...Access to them will be guaranteed and escorted by the multi-national force."
And this is almost 'one for one' in line with the American proposal formulated by General Allen, security solutions some of which are technological and most of which are dependent on an international force and cooperation with Jordan.