March 2010: Geneva Initiative paper summarizing findings from a number of polls taken during March 2010


71% of the Israeli public and 57% of Palestinians support a two-state solution

(Truman and Shikaki)


78% of Israelis support conducting negotiations for a peace agreement with the PA

(War and Peace Index)


56% of Israelis support a peace agreement along the Geneva Initiative parameters (New Wave Research Institute)


There is a marked increase (from 35% in September to 43% in March) in the percentage of Israelis who believe that it is possible to reach a permanent status agreement with the Palestinians and end the conflict (New Wave Research Institute)


54% of the Israeli public believes that Israel should consider the American stand on settlements including the American demand not to enable settlement expansion based on demographic growth (War and Peace Index)


59% of the Israeli public supports dismantling most of the settlements in the territories as part of a peace agreement with the Palestinians and 32% oppose.


When asked regarding one’s opinion about the Israeli public – only 31% believed that the majority supports this notion and 44% of Israelis thought that this view is held by a minority of Israelis only (Truman and Shikaki)


67% of Israelis believe that prolonging the current situation without a political process between Israel and the Palestinians is bad for Israel (New Wave Research Institute)


73% and 63% of Israel’s Jewish public is worried that Israel will cease to be a Jewish and Democratic state (respectively) should the occupation persist (New Wave Research Institute)


Regarding international involvement: the majority of Israelis (56%) support increasing American involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian process, and are split in half with respect to the desire for increasing European involvement (44% support and 46% oppose) (New Wave Research Institute)

37% of Israelis are satisfied with PM Netanyahu’s performance in the political arena (as opposed to 51% who were satisfied in September 2009). This decline can perhaps be substantiated in the fact that 37% also believe that PM Netanyahu will be willing to make the necessary concessions in order to reach an agreement with the Palestinians (as opposed to 46% who thought this was the case in September 2009) (New Wave Research Institute)

Should PM Netanyahu decide to take major political steps (vis-à-vis the Palestinians) – 49% of the Israeli public would increase support for him (New Wave Research Institute)


When asked regarding the most important reason for living in a settlement:

46% of settlers mentioned national/religious mission or importance to Israel’s security and 46% of settlers mentioned personal quality of life

When the Israeli public was asked the same question regarding the settlers reason for living in settlements:

61% thought that settlers’ reasons are national/religious mission or importance to Israel’s security and only 26% thought that the settlers’ reasons are personal quality of life (Truman and Shikaki)


70% of settlers have not participated in protest activities against freezing or evacuating settlements

80% of settlers have not participated in persuasion activities such as distributing flyers and picketing on road intersections

89% of settlers did not participate in active resistance to the I.D.F. evacuation of an outpost/settlements (Truman and Shikaki)


75% of Israelis (as opposed to 18%) will NOT take an active role in protest activities against a comprehensive evacuation of settlements during the evacuation time (Truman and Shikaki)


71% of Israelis are worried by international calls to sanction Israel in different respects (economic; academic; cultural) as opposed to 23% who are not (New Wave Research Institute)