Dahaf Institute Poll: Positions of the Israeli Public more inclined towards a Peace Agreement than those of the Political Leadership



The poll outlines the principles of a peace agreement which is similar to that presented in the Geneva Accord:
• Two states for two people
• Return of Palestinian Refugees to Palestine
• Non-militarized Palestinian state
• 1967 borders with land swaps
• In Jerusalem: Arab neighborhoods under Palestinian sovereignty and Jewish neighborhoods under Israeli sovereignty
• The Old City without sovereignty of either of the sides but co-managed by both sides and the United States
Results found that 67% of Israelis (63% of Israeli Jews) support this agreement and perhaps more interestingly that 50% of Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu voters (in the 2009 elections) support this agreement. Also worth noting: 42% of Shas voters (in the 2009 elections) support this agreement (55% oppose).
The main obstacle to supporting an agreement along the abovementioned parameters is a disbelief that the Palestinian side will live up to its commitments. Only afterwards did the public indicate the establishment of a Palestinian state as an obstacle and even less so the perception that the entire Jerusalem area should remain under exclusive Israeli sovereignty.
The poll also compares public opinion and the opinions of elected leaders (Members of Knesset) with respect to ending the conflict. Findings show a large gap between the public and its leaders with the public more inclined towards a possible peace agreement.