March 2010: War and Peace Index

The index finds that 44% of Yisrael Beiteinu voters would support evacuating all settlements in return for a full peace agreement with the Palestinians and ending the conflict with the Arab world –War and Peace Index

War and Peace Index, March 2010:

The index is an ongoing project carried out by Professor Ya’ar (Tel Aviv University) and Professor Herman (The Israel Democracy Institute and the Open University) with the aim of systematically assessing Israeli public opinion regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The poll is conducted on a representative sample of 600 Israelis (including Arab citizens and Jewish settlers beyond the 1967 borders). Margin of Error: 4.5%.
The poll asked:
What is your opinion regarding holding Israeli-Palestinian negotiations?
80% of Israelis support negotiations, 15% oppose and 5% are undecided;

If settlements were the last obstacle to reaching a full peace agreement with the Palestinians and to an end of the conflict with the Arab world, would you support the evacuation of all settlements?
42% of Israelis supported the evacuation of all settlements. In looking at the electorate of each of the parties: the majority of Meretz, Labor and Kadima voters supported this notion as well as 44% of Yisrael Beiteinu voters.