Maryland University Poll - Most Israelis and Palestinians Support Geneva Principles

Researchers at the University of Maryland polled Israelis and Palestinians and found that 59% of Palestinians and 63% of Israelis support the Geneva Initiative principles

Reaserchers at the Universrity of Maryland presented Israeli and Palestinian respondents with a proposed peace package which was remarkably close if not identical to the Geneva Initiative. Initially 54% of Israelis and 41% of Palestinians gave their support. However, when survey respondents who opposed an agreement where asked if they would change their opinion if the other side supported it, the results improved dramatically. For the Palestinians the level of support increased by 18% to 59% support. For Israelis, support jumped 9% to 63%. This reaffirms the results of previous surveys which have shown that while a majority of Israelis and Palestinians support a peace agreement, they presume that there is limited support on the other side.

The Israeli political commentator Ben-Dror Yemini commented in Maariv NRG: "Could there be an Israeli majority for the Geneva Initiative? For real? Yes, there really could be. Amongst Likud voters, almost a third are prepared for a far-reaching compromise." While we cannot prove that support for a peace agreement within the Likud  is directly related to our activities, I do believe that we have had a substantial impact and that we can continue to do so.
For the text of Yemini's piece, "The People Want Peace" (translated into English), click here.
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