Meeting With Ethiopian Leaders

In mid June we met with a group of Ethiopian-Israeli leaders in order to discuss the possibility of joint activity to promote the two state solution.


The meeting was attended by political and social activists including leaders of the recent protests by the Ethiopian community against their treatment by Israeli society.

Geneva Initiative Director General Gadi Baltiansky said to the group: “The continuation of the conflict and control over another nation is affecting Israeli society. A nation that gets used to controlling another and creating divisions on a daily basis, will also get used to thinking in racist codes, which is another reason it is important to solve the conflict.” Itai Shato, member of the Likud central committee and one of the organizations of the recent protests said: “I think about my children, what I will pass on to them. I am willing to die for this country that I love, but it is better to live for it.”

Ethiopan Leaders met with the Geneva Initiative