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MK Elkin: Kadima is promoting Geneva Accord

Date: 16.11.08

Last Sunday, November 16th, MK Ze'ev Elkin announced his resignation from the ruling Kadima party. In the letter he sent to Kadima Chair Tzipi Livni, he explained that he was resigning because she and Prime Minister Olmert had become "too" dovish, adopting and promoting the principles of the Geneva Accord. Elkin, an ardent opponent of the political process and supporter of the settlement movement, further stated that he could not take part in Kadima's current attempts to promote a peaceful solution.

All major media outlets in Israel ran the news of Elkin's resignation, prominently quoting his statement that Livni and Olmert have been promoting "Geneva Accord-like solutions."

In the letter, Elkin also said he agreed with GI co-architect Dr. Yossi Belin's assertion that Kadima has been representing Beilin's ideas more than he has.

Furthermore, Elkin stressed that at a meeting he had with Livni the week before, he understood, to his dismay, that the Kadima chair was willing to hand over land in the context of a peace agreement.

Additionally, the media quoted reactions by other Kadima MKs to the resignation. Ynet quoted senior sources in Kadima as saying: "Good riddance. The guy who worked against Kadima from day one, tried to sabotage Peres' appointment as President, regularly acted as an opposition within the party even on internal affairs, realized there's no room for him... It's good that he's leaving Kadima."