Most Israelis want talks with PA, not another disengagment

Most Israelis want talks with PA, not another disengagment
Date: 14.12.05
Nir Hasson; Haaretz

A majority of Israelis prefers that the next government conduct negotiations to reach a permanent agreement with the Palestinians and not carry out another unilateral disengagement, according to a poll by the people who drafted the Geneva Initiative. The poll also indicates a slight increase in support for the Geneva Accord, which outlines a proposal for peace between Israel and Palestinians.

According to the poll, 62 percent of the public favor negotiations for a permanent agreement with the Palestinian Authority, while only 15 percent support implementing another unilateral pullout and 18 percent oppose both options.

The poll also points to a moderate rise in the percentage of people who believe a permanent agreement is obtainable-- from 42 percent in August to 46 percent today.

There has been a similar increase in the number of people backing the Geneva Accord-- from 26 percent a year ago to 30 percent now. Among Labor Party voters, 55 percent support the initiative and 15 percent are opposed to it. Among people who plan to vote for Kadima, 29 percent support the agreement and 35 percent oppose it.

The poll surveyed 922 people, including Arabic and Russian speakers, and was conducted by MarketWatch last week on Sunday and on Monday (when the suicide bombing occurred at the Netanya mall).