NEC Poll: 69% of Palestinians Support Signing a Peace Agreement with Israel

Date: 10.08.2009


The poll was sampled on August 4th, 2009 among a representative sample of 934 Palestinian respondents, men and women from Gaza Strip and the West Bank including East Jerusalem.
  • 73% of Palestinians believe that the sixth Fatah Congress will succeed in creating a general reform within the Fatah movement
  • 65% believe that the results of the Fatah Congress will have a positive impact on the dialogue between Hamas and Fatah
  • 80% believe that the accusation made by Farouk El Kaddoumi regarding the connection of a number of Fatah leaders with the death of Yasser Araft are false allegations 
  • 44% stated that they believe in Fatah; 12% in Hamas and 7% in other parties. 38% stated that they do not believe in any Palestinian group. These results indicate that the Fatah Congress positively impacted the Fatah’s support rate.
  • Parliamentary elections: 67% stated that they would vote for Fatah should parliamentary elections take place next week; 15% would vote for Hamas and 17% for other groups.
  • 72% from the West Bank population would have voted for Fatah as opposed to 59% from the Gaza Strip population. 11% of the West Bank population would have voted Hamas as opposed to 22% of the Gaza Strip population.
  • Presidential elections: a total of 69% would vote for a Fatah candidate; 15% for a Hamas candidate and 16% for other candidates. In the West Bank 74% would vote for a Fatah candidate and 10% for a Hamas candidate. In the Gaza Strip 60% would vote for a Fatah representative and 22% for a Hamas candidate.
  • 69% of Palestinians support signing a peace agreement with Israel while 31% oppose. 68% demand that Hamas change its stand calling to destroy Israel.
  • 31% believe the US is seriously working to promote a Middle-East peace process as opposed to 69% who believe it is not.
  • 52% believe there is no difference between the Bush and the Obama Administrations with respect to their policy on the Palestinian issue.
  • 80% of Palestinians are worried about the current state of affairs whereas 20% are not. 29% said that their main source of concern is internal rivalry; 26% said that their main concern is their economic situation; 13% cited the occupation; 10% lack of security and 3% mentioned family problems.