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Netanyahu – Say YES to Peace

Ha'aretz, Yisrael Hayaom


“Netanyahu – Say Yes to Peace” is the title of an advert published on Thursday 22nd of April in two of Israel’s national dailies (Ha’aretz and Yisrael Hayom). The English version of the message was also published in today's Ha'aretz English edition.

The message, which is signed by 10 leading position-holders in the Likud who we have engaged over the last period, states that it was sponsored by the Geneva Initiative. In it, the central Likud members call on their party leader, PM Netanyahu, to take the necessary action to ensure Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic State through an agreement, a permanent and recognized border and Jewish Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

On the morning of April 22, Israel’s leading radio talk-show interviewed GI Director-General, Gadi Baltiansky and message signatory and Chairman of the Likud Branch at Kfar Saba, Shlomo Madmon, who explained that he supports PM Netanyahu’s proposed two-state solution and that words must be accompanied by action. The interview
ended with the interviewer’s conclusion that the distance between the Likud and the Geneva Initiative is narrowing.

The ad also received coverage on Israel's national daily, Yediot Ahronot, as follows: "This week we saw ads published in the media by the Geneva Initiative. They were signed by 10 central activists from Likud, who call Bibi to say yes to peace and basically to say yes to Obama. The activists were not selected randomly. They participated in seminars, courses, tours and workshops that the Geneva Initiative organizes for Likud and Shas activists. It looks like the beginning of pressure on Bibi from within the Likud, activists who are calling him to act. So while there are those in the Likud who are counting the time until the settlement freeze in the territories will end, there are others who are counting the time until a positive answer will be given to Obama".


Below an excerpt of a radio interview conducted on April 26, on Israeli radio “Kol ba Rama”
Interviewer: what is the difference in principle between the Likud’s political platform – taking into account amendments from PM Natanyahu’s Bar Ilan speech, and the Geneva Initiative?
Shlomo Madmon (Chairman of Likud Branch Kfar Saba and Member of the Likud Secretariat): The difference is that the Geneva Initiative already met with specific Palestinians and conducted dialogue through which they managed to agree upon issues and reach decisions that are acceptable to both sides. We, on the contrary, are unable to do so.
Also, it is possible that there are many principles in the Geneva Initiative which resemble the Likud stand, and that there are several things that need to be slightly amended so that an agreement can be reached. Perhaps in this way, we will stop creating a situation where the entire world is against us, since they perceive us as opponents to peace, and we will be able to finally achieve what PM Netanyahu suggested, two states for two nations.

Below is the message translated to English:


In addition to the message published in the national dailies,banners with the message "Bibi - say yes to peace" were posted up in central road junctions and bridges as part of the campaign. Photos below were taken in the course of the weekend of the 23-24 of April: