November poll: Majority of Palestinians supports peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis

The poll prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali and published by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion on November 4th 2009, also finds a considerable majority in favor of the presidential and parliamentary elections in January 2010; and wide-spread conviction that the economic situation in the West Bank has improved under the government of Salam Fayyad.




  • A significant majority of the Palestinian public (62.5 %) supports the presidential decree calling on holding presidential and parliamentary elections in January, 2010, whilst 35.5 % oppose this notion.
  • 59.1 % of the respondents believe that Fateh has a better chance to win the elections if these are held in January 2010, whilst 32.8 % believe the opposite. Moreover, 52.1 % of the Palestinians would vote for Mr. Mahmoud Abbas if he ran as a candidate for a second term of presidency, whilst 14.5 % would vote for Mr. Ismael Haniyyeh as a Hamas candidate. 29.2 % stated they would not participate in the elections.
  • 60.7 % of Palestinians think the economic situation in the West Bank under Salam Fayyad’s government has improved, whilst only 17.4 % feel it has deteriorated and almost the same rate, 17.1 %, said it remained unchanged. On the other hand, 61.9 % of the respondents stated that the economic situation in Gaza Strip under the government of Ismael Haniyyah has deteriorated, whilst only 15.2 % said it has improved and 19.2 % said it remained unchanged.
  • A majority of Palestinians (53.6 %) support the meeting recently held in New York between the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. At the same time 32.7% opposed the meeting and 17.3% did not have an opinion on that matter. According to Dr. Nabil Kukali, this finding may indicate the feelings of the Palestinians that the meeting could boost the Palestinian-American relations and keep them strong, particularly after the election of President Obama.
  • Only 37.2 % of the Palestinian public is of the opinion that there is a positive change in the American policy under Obama as compared with the Bush era. The majority (59.5%) did not see such a change. 51.8 % of the respondents believe that the efforts of the US envoy, George Mitchell, will not contribute to the settlement freeze in the Palestinian territories, 48.2 % claim the opposite.
  • A clear majority of Palestinians (61.5%) support peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, 33.8% are against the negotiations. 65.6% of respondents believe there would be peace between Israelis and the Palestinians in future, whilst 42.5% expressed their doubts.


The survey was conducted during the period October 24 – 31, 2009 and included a random sample of 1050 Palestinian over the age of 18, representing the various demographic specimens in the Palestinian society in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

The full poll is available here.