12.2010: Conclusions regarding the Middle East Peace Process adopted by the EU Council on Foreign Relations
08.2010: Second Year of the 13th Government Program, Palestine (English)
08.2010: Palestinian National Authority Press Release, "Homestretch to Freedom"
20.08.2010: Statement by Middle East Quartet
19.03.2010: Statement by Middle East Quartet

02.2010: Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Resolution about the situation in the ME and supporting the Geneva Initiative
03.02.2010: Israel’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Employment, Binyamin (Fouad) Ben Eliezer commends GI in official letter
08.12.2009: EU Council Conclusions on the MEPP

11.2009: MK Lt. General (Ret.) Shaul Mofaz's Vision for Peace

25.08.09: Palestinian National Authority Program of the Thirteenth Government
26.06.2009: Quartet Statement
18.01.2009: Statement by the European Union on the Situation in the Middle East
November 2007: Arab League position regarding the International Summit to be Convened by the US
30.05.2007: Quartet Statement Potsdam, Germany
21.02.2007: Quartet Statement Berlin
09.02.2007: The Palestinian Mecca Accord
2006: Excerpt from the Baker-Hamilton Report Dealing with the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
17.03.2005: Six-Point Palestinian Cairo Declaration
01.03.2005: The London Conference Conclusions
01.12.2004: World Bank Report: Stagnation or Revival? Israeli Disengagement and Palestinian Economic Prospects

09.07.2004: International Court of Justice Ruling on the Construction of the Wall
25.07.2000: Trilateral Statement on the Middle East Peace Summit at Camp David
13.03.1996: Summit of Peacemakers' Final Statement