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One-State Dream, One-State Nightmare

By Roger Cohen, The New York Times
13 August 2013

Peace deal – victory for both sides

by Gadi Baltiansky and Nidal Foqaha, Ynet

26 July 2013

The Two-State Imperative

 By Roger Cohen, The New York Times
24 July 2013

Yossi Beilin: The First Steps for Peace

 By Yossi Beilin, U.S. News and World Report 

16 July 2013

The Scourge of Mideast Skepticism

 By Jeremy Ben-Ami, The New York Times 

16 July 2013

Encountering Peace: Making Decisions

By Gershon Baskin, JPost

27 June 2013

Do It Yourself, Senator Kerry

By Yossi Beilin, the Daily Beast
17 January 2013

How Israel will be destroyed without shots being fired

By S. Daniel Abraham, Haaretz 
08 January 2013
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