PA Minister: Boycott law sets the stage for the idea of ​​one state

By Maan News

via Maan News

Portions translated from Arabic by our Palestinian media desk.

Palestinian economy minister, Hassan Abu Labda, said following the approval of the "boycott law" in the Knesset that the government of Israel wants to annex West Bank territory, and is trying to create facts on the ground to prevent the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state.

"The boycott law" raises concerns for the Palestinian Authority: Palestinian Economy Minister, Dr. Hassan Abu Labda, said on Wednesday, July 13, that the approval of the law in the Knesset indicates that Israel is setting the stage for a one-state option. Abu Labda, who was quoted extensively on the Palestinian news agency "Maan", said that if Israel today thinks that this is satisfactory, she will soon find herself entangled in the one state option.

The Palestinian minister added that "the Israeli government, by these extreme actions, is trying to create facts on the ground and prevent the existence of a Palestinian state. The Palestinian Authority will make every effort to denounce the Israeli activities." He said that the Israeli government carries out actions to annex West Bank territory to Israel, and promised that "the Palestinian Authority will explain to the international community the dangers of Israeli insolence in annexing the West Bank to Israel."

Abu Labda said that the Israeli government does things that cannot be allowed, and he called upon "countries which understand peacemaking in the Middle East peace will lead to quiet in the region" to give their opinion on what is happening.

This was translated by our Palestinian media desk. To read the full article in Arabic, click here.