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Palestinian-Israeli GI seminar in Turkey

On November 19-21, the Geneva Initiative held a joint seminar for young Palestinian and Israeli journalists and political activists in Anatalia, Turkey.


The seminar brought a group of Israeli and Palestinian journalists and young leaders together for two-days of deliberations and discussions about the conflict and alternatives for its resolution. The program included briefings by external professionals in related fields, a representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry as well as the participants themselves. In addition, workshops and smaller break-out sessions enabled participants to interact and exchange views and ideas on a more intimate level.

Further to the seminar, one of the participants who is a Likud party member and activist posted a detailed report of his impressions on the Likud website. The following is a short excerpt of this report, translated to English:

" During the seminar I listened and at certain moments I felt anger and pain – but the seminar is unparalleled in its importance. Sitting around the negotiations table when both sides, Arab and Israeli, debate their tomorrow as future leaders with the intention of finding a pragmatic and just solution, was productive.
Not all Israelis are Arab-haters and not all Arabs are terrorists.
May we all know how to compromise and how to find ways to reach understandings and acceptance, exactly as we did during the seminar in Turkey during last the last weekend. "

The full report in Hebrew can be accessed by clicking here.

Above and below: Israeli and Palestinian participants during break-out sessions