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Palestinian-Israeli meeting in Beijing results in a paper on steps to reignite Peace Process

The Chinese government recently expressed its interest to increase its involvement in the Middle East Peace Process. One of their first steps was to organize, in partnership with the Geneva Initiative, a high-level meeting between Israeli and Palestinian delegations in Beijing. The two teams met between December 20-22 in the Chinese capital for an intensive dialogue on how to reignite the Peace Process. The discussions resulted in an Israeli-Palestinian paper that was endorsed by the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs and his ministry. The paper outlines various steps that can help bring the current deadlock to an end, focusing on measures to be undertaken by the Israeli and Palestinian leadership, the role to be played by the local civil societies and the role to be played by the international community, particularly China.

On the issue of China’s involvement, the paper states that as a global power, China can “play a significant role by paving the way for a stronger and more efficient international engagement, acting in coordination with other global and regional players, as well as with the local civil societies, to create the right conditions for a successful resumption of the peace process”.
As part of the visit, the Palestinian and Israeli delegations also met with the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Wang Yi and several other MFA officials. Minister Wang Yi told the delegations that “it is vital that peace supporters from the two sides continue to meet, especially now. You have your disagreements, but you share a common peaceful aspiration. The message of hope must be preserved, and must be voiced”.

Minister Wang Yi with the Palestinian and Israeli Directors of the Geneva Initiative