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Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative Hosts the Israel Project

On Wednesday, February 3, the GI PPC offices in Ramallah hosted a delegation of the Israel Project including 20 members from the United States, Israel, Germany and France.



The delegation was headed by Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, Founder and President of the Israel Project.
Nidal Foqaha, Director General of GI Palestine briefed the delegation on the work of the PPC-GI on the Palestinian side, mainly the education campaign in the Palestinian territories, as well as a detailed presentation of the GI's annexes. The delegation showed special interest on the issues of Jerusalem and the border, namely how physically the city can be divided.
Dr. Samih Abed, Former Minister of Public Works and GI Board Member briefed the delegation on the course of official negotiations which took place between the Palestinians and the Olmert government following Annapolis. Abed expressed the willingness and interest of Palestinians to resume negotiations should Israel freeze settlement activity, including in Jerusalem. Abed stated that considerable progress has been achieved, and that the remaining issues can be agreed upon through negotiations.
The delegation, traditionally supportive of Israeli governmental positions and serves as its media arm, raised several issues on the possibilities of resuming negotiations and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict within the regional context. Finally, they presented a result of an opinion poll which they recently commissioned in the region on the public position towards peace, where they summed up that the Palestinians are most willing for peace with Israel.
PPC Head Nidal Foqaha and Former PA Minister Dr. El Abed addressing the Israel Project Delegation