Palestinian Public Opinion Survey, August 2011

This survey was conducted in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank including Jerusalem, during the period 15-18 of August, 2011, by the Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies.
This survey sought to understand the opinions of the Palestinians on the intention of the PLO to resort to the United Nations in September 2011 to seek recognition of a Palestinian state and to request membership in the UN.


Positivity about September

Almost 74% of respondents were in favour of Septembers’ entitlement, and 63% think the effect of the United Nations vote will be positive. Regarding the effect of the United Nations' recognition of the Palestinian State on the negotiations on the question of borders, 39% answered that the effect will be positive, while 29% negative. 

September will Enhance Negotiation Opportunities

Despite the 25% of Palestinians who believed that Septembers’ entitlement will enhance opportunities of resistance, an impressive 58% believed that it will enhance negotiation opportunities.