Palestinian Public Opinion Survey

A recent survey, conducted by Alpha International and commissioned by the Geneva Initiative/Palestinian Peace Coalition, indicates that a majority of Palestinians support the Geneva Initiative.

Ramallah – In a public opinion survey conducted by Alpha International regarding the current Palestinian political conditions, results showed that 56.2% of respondents believe that establishing a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel is possible. 73.5% expressed their support to Geneva Initiative. 77.8% assessed the performance of the Palestinian president as “good” while 71.3% described the performance of Fayad’s government as “good.”
With regard to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 53.1% of respondents said that the political solution is the way to end this conflict.

To identify Palestinians opinions regarding Geneva Initiative, researchers read its articles to respondents to measure their levels of support to each article and to the Initiative as a whole. Results were as follows:


  • Nearly two thirds of the Palestinians (67.6%) said they support complete Israeli withdrawal from all 1967 occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, Gaza and West Bank (with not more than 3% of land exchange equally from both sides).
  • The majority of Palestinians (78.8%) said they support “the Palestinian state” article (establishing a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem).
  • Less than half of respondents (48.7%) said they support “Jerusalem” article (Arabic neighborhoods under Palestinian sovereignty and Jewish neighborhoods under Israeli sovereignty, and they shall have their mutually recognized capitals in the areas of Jerusalem under their respective sovereignty. Palestinians will have the Old City and Al Aqsa Mosque as part of their capital, but not the Jewish neighborhood nor the Wailing Wall).
  • Around two thirds of respondents (68.1%) said they support “Palestinian refugees” article. (The solution of Refugees problem will be based on united nation decisions 194 and 242 and on the Arab peace initiative. Unconditional return will be allowed for refugees to the independent Palestinian state. The number of refugees returning to Israel will be based on mutual agreement between the two states. Refugees will be given free choice of permanent residency in host countries or third countries like Australia, Canada, and Europe. All refugees will be entitled to compensation for their “refugeehood” and loss of properties.)
  • 64.3% of respondents support the article “end of conflict.” (When the permanent status agreement is fully implemented, it will mean the end of the conflict and no further claims will be made by either side. The parties will recognize Palestine and Israel as the homelands of their respective peoples).
  • The great majority of Palestinians (90.7%) support “Palestinian prisoners and detainees” article. (All Palestinian and Arab prisoners detained in the framework of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict prior to the date of signature of the agreement shall be released according to a three-phase plan as outlined in the agreement-some immediately, some within 18 months, and "exceptional cases" in 30 months).

Generally, the majority of Palestinians (73.5%) support the whole Geneva Initiative, 25% oppose it, and 1.5% don’t have an opinion.

This survey was conducted by Alpha International, and funded by Palestinian Peace Coalition; the targeted sample of the Palestinian Community was 1358 Palestinian families with members above 18 years old and living in the Palestinian Territories. 34.8% of those families live in Gaza and 65.2% of them live in the West Bank. 50.8% of respondents were males while 49.2% of them were females. Data was collected in the period between 20/11/2010 and 5/12/2010 using phone interviewing. Data was weighted using labor force survey on variables: Gender, Age, Education and Geographical location.