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Parliamentary Assistants Seminar

Seminar for Political Activists and Central Committee Members of the Likud and Kadima Political Parties
Date: 03.02.06


The two-day seminar (February 3rd-4th, 2006) was attended by 62 members of the Kadima, Likud and former Shinui party who are leaders in their movements, members of their central committees and the heads of the political branches in different cities.


The weekend facilitated a meeting between participants and Palestinian representative – GI signatory and well-known public figure in the PA, Professor Nazmi el-Jubeh, who presented the Palestinian perspective on issues dealt upon during the seminar.

Other speakers included former-MK Nehama Ronen (Likud), current MK Yoel Hasson (during the seminar served as the Young Delegate of his party – Kadima, today Member of Knesset), Colonel (Res.) Shaul Arieli, Dror Sternschuss – GI signatory and campaign manger, and Gadi Baltiansky – Director General of the GI.


The seminar focused mainly on bilateral negotiations versus the unilateral option and engaged participants from the different parties in a direct and open discussion on the viability and desirability of an endgame solution.