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Partners Campaign Media Coverage

Press coverage for the newest Geneva Initiative campaign: "I am your partner. Are you mine?"

Below is a partial list of press covering the Geneva Initiative’s campaign featuring Palestinian leaders addressing the Israeli public through short clips. The list does not include radio items; links are provided for English coverage (or translated items) only


Media Coverage:

time magazine TIME Magazine
wall street journal The Wall Street Journal
The Washington Post
CNN Inside the Middle East blog
Yediot Ahronot
The Jerusalem Post
Israel TV Channel Two Prime Time News
Israel TV Channel One
Israel TV Knesset Channel
Maan News Agency
Firas Press
Al-Ayyam Daily Newspaper
Al-Itiahad (Abu Dabi)
Al-Watan (Syria)
Al-Hayat (Saudia Arabia; also being published in London)
Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon)
Al-Khaleej (UAE)
Gulf Times (Dubai)