Peace NGO Roundtable Discussions

On Sunday, June 23, the Geneva Initiative, along with other leading Israeli peace NGOs, held roundable discussions across Israel with members of the public in order to advance the dialogue and promote realistic solutions for peace.
The Geneva Initiative co-hosted the events, along with Peace Now, the Israeli Initiative, the Council for Peace and Security, and others. The roundtables took place at 11 locations around the country. Speakers at the events included former Palestinian Authority minister Ashraf al-Ajrami, Member of Knesset and Geneva Initiative signatory Amram Mitzna, Col. (res.) and GI signatory Shaul Arieli, GI Chairman Gadi Baltiansky, as well as many former members of Knesset.
Ha'Tnuah MK Amram Mitzna leads a discussion at the Tel Aviv event.