Political Course Meets with Daniel Shek and Ilan Baruch

On Monday, June 24, participants in the Geneva Initiative's Political Course heard from Daniel Shek, former Israeli Ambassador to France, and Ilan Baruch, former Ambassador to the Philippines and South Africa.

Ambassador Daniel Shek gave a lecture to the participants on the status of Israel in Europe and Ambassador Ilan Baruch spoke on the challenges of Israel in the diplomatic arena.

Daniel Shek served in Israel's embassies across the world including France, Austria and Italy. He was the Consul General of San Franciso, spokersmen for the Foreign Ministr and former Director General of the Britain-Israel Communication Research Center - BICOM.
Ilan Baruch is a veteran of the diplomatic core who served in many positions in the Foreign Office. He was Ambassador to South Africa and the Philippines, the founder of the Political Department in the Foreign Ministry that handled negotiations with the Palestinians, and head of the economy of the Middle East department.
Daniel Shek and Ilan Baruch (r) spoke to Political Course participants.